Climate Change Economics and Finance

Climate and environment finance

Pengwern Associates work with a range of organisations looking to develop strategies, access capital, evaluate or manage risk associated with climate and environmental investments.

Pengwern Associates can:

  • construct innovative financial instruments.

  • assess how climate change and disaster events may affect investments and how to manage the associated risk.

  • help evaluate climate finance programmes by providing technical expertise.

  • design strategies to assist clients to access and use climate finance.

Climate, environment and development

Pengwern Associates supports public, private and charitable institutions needing to integrate climate, environment and development data into their decision-making.

Pengwern Associates can:

  • work with clients to understand the links and tensions between climate, environmental and developmental objectives, and identify opportunities to exploit synergies and reduce tensions

  • assess whether, when and how business activities support climate and development goals

  • help integrate climate and environmental outcomes into organisational decision-making

  • advise on how to develop institutional structures that integrate climate and environmental considerations into the policy process.

Climate policy design and impact

Pengwern Associates has experience working with institutions seeking to effect emissions reductions, climate resilience or to understand the impact that third party policies will have on their operations.

Pengwern Associates can:

  • develop strategies and policies that support emission reduction and/or climate resilience

  • analyse the effect of a complex policy landscape on an organisation

  • supply technical expertise to evaluate the efficacy of climate policies.